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Zahid Rafiq
Shamas Murtaza
Umar Farooq
Muhammad Shahbaz
Gulzar Akhtar
Shahid Iqbal


Yoghurt is one of the classical products of milk made by fermentation process to convert milk into yoghurt. It also converts valuable components of milk into more desirable and easily digestible constituents. It contains many bioactive peptides and it is suitable for all age groups and lactose intolerant people. Quinoa is an excellent gluten free cereal with maximum availability of protein and many essential minerals and vitamins. Antioxidants in quinoa protect against variety of chronic diseases. With these properties it’s a good choice to incorporate in yoghurt. This study is designed to develop new and innovative cereal based dairy product. In this study yoghurt will be manufactured by using quinoa at different concentrations (0.5%, 1.0%, 1.5% and 2.0%) and resultant product will be stored at 6-80 C and will be evaluate for different physiochemical analysis, microbial, textural, functional and sensory profile. Result shows protein % range was found 3.546 at T0 and 7.113 at T1. Fat % results are in range of 3.500 at T0 and 7.633 at T1. pH range was found 4.400 at T0 and 4.576 at T1. Mold count was found 0.67cfu at T0 and 0.33cfu at T4. After whole testing influence of quinoa on all concentrations were good on all aspects.

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Rafiq, Z., Murtaza, S., Umar Farooq, Muhammad Shahbaz, Gulzar Akhtar, & Shahid Iqbal. (2020). POTENTIAL USE OF QUINOA FOR YOGHURT PREPARATION: . Agricultural Sciences Journal, 2(2), 9–18. https://doi.org/10.56520/asj.v2i2.46
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