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Ayesha Hakim
Sundus Shafique
Mubashir Mehdi
Irfan Ahmad Baig


Globally, the mango industry is one of the largest industrial sectors – also considered the backbone industry of the country’s agriculture sector. This sector mobilizes key industrial activities of many economies, such as agriculture, production, handling, storage, logistics, certification, and packing of a variety of mangoes (e.g., with over 1,500 varieties, of which at least 30 are grown commercially in Pakistan). From local, regional, and national, to international levels, many businesses in this sector are involved in extensive mango supply networks fulfilling the demands of many consumers and markets (e.g., B2B, B2C, etc.) locally worldwide. Currently, 43% of total
farmers in Pakistan are smallholder farmers, as they possess less than 2.6 hectares of land. Intermediaries dominate the entire supply chain in Pakistan, due to which small to average farmers face several challenges. This can be avoided by developing a user-friendly system to link farmers directly to the market or consumers. The proposed system identifies the gaps in the process model of Pakistan’s mango supply chain system. It creates a platform to link farmers directly to the market or consumers through a seamless online system using blockchain technology for performing reliable transactions using smart contracts. The proposed system is implemented through Ethereum, a permissioned blockchain network using Smart Contracts. It is a distributed ledger accessible to participants of the supply chain with permission to ensure the trust and authenticity of the information. By using this system, the farmers will attain increased profit through direct access to retailers, consumers, and the international market.

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Ayesha Hakim, Sundus Shafique, Mubashir Mehdi, & Irfan Ahmad Baig. (2024). FARMER TO CONSUMER – AN ONLINE SUPPLY CHAIN PROCESS SYSTEM USING BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY. Agricultural Sciences Journal, 6(1), 1–11.
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