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Niaz Hussain Khuhro
Muhammad Abubakar
Qadir Bux Pirzado
Qadeer Ahmed Soomro
Muhammad Ibrahim Kubar
Muhammad Usman Asif
Raza Muhammad Memon


The majority of plant species that are used for consumption and medicinal purposes belongs to Cucurbitaceae. These vegetables are attacked by several insect pests including Tephritid flies. Keeping in view,  four economically important cucurbit vegetables such as sponge gourd; Luffa aegyptiaca, bitter gourd; Momordica charantia, musk melon; Cucumis melo, and bottle gourd; Lagenaria siceraria were selected to investigate the life-history parameters of Bactrocera cucurbitae (Coq.) (Diptera: Tephritidae) under laboratory conditions. For this purpose, B. cucurbitae was reared in the laboratory on each host vegetable and egg hatchability %, egg incubation period, larval survival (%), duration (days), length and width of larvae, pupal parameters, male-female ratio, and age-specific fecundity were recorded. The results showedno statistical difference in hatchability percentages, larval duration, and pupal survival (%) in all tested vegetables. However, greater length and width of larvae were recorded when the B. cucurbitae larvae were provided with bottle gourd. Moreover, maximum pupal recovery was recorded in bottle and sponge gourd among all the tested vegetables. Maximum females were also recorded in bottle gourd. Adult longevity and fecundity were significantly affected by the host. Maximum female longevity (52 days) was recorded when B. cucurbitae were provided with bottle gourd and minimum (41 days) on sponge gourd. Similarly, maximum fecundity (823 eggs) was also recorded when maggots were fed on bottle gourd and the lowest (611 eggs) on a sponge gourd. In conclusion, Bottle gourd is the most preferable and nutritious host among all the tested vegetables and needs effective management strategies for B. cucurbitae. The output of the present studies would be helpful for the development of an effective integrated pest management (IPM) program for B. cucurbitae in a variety of vegetables.

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Niaz Hussain Khuhro, Muhammad Abubakar, Qadir Bux Pirzado, Qadeer Ahmed Soomro, Muhammad Ibrahim Kubar, Muhammad Usman Asif, & Memon, R. M. (2024). LIFE HISTORY PARAMETERS OF MELON FRUIT FLY, BACTROCERA CUCURBITAE (COQUILLETT) (DIPTERA: TEPHRITIDAE) ON FOUR ECONOMICALLY IMPORTANT VEGETABLES. Agricultural Sciences Journal, 6(1), 49–57.
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