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Imran Mumtaz


Poultry one of the leading and vibrant agricultural segment in Pakistan poultry production, with a total contribution of 31% is one of the most important part of our economy. In the latest survey, Gross investment in this sector currently exceeds Rs.700.00 billion (Pakistan Economic Survey, 2016). The current per capita supply of protein from animal sources like beef in Pakistan, The average quantities of mutton, poultry and fish are 11grams a day. The focus of the daily dietary protein supply of the animal source is extremely less then recommended at W.H.O.26-gram (World Health Organization standards). The inner ecosystem of poultry sheds are polluted by ammonia from droppings in extensive grill sheds, the enormous size of the bird flock may otherwise cause inadequate ventilation of birds, this situation a single wave of heat may be harms in this situation, in a short period, high amount of chicken will be die. The Pakistan poultry association (PPA) reported a loss of several million rupees per year from this sector due to increased production costs simply because environmental control was not proper management. The current work is focus on the best developing a system that can monitor and control the poultry farm shed. In this research, focus on low cost indigenous intelligent solution to the efficient control of the medium-sized poultry farms will be provided for this project. The middle-class poultry farm can easily implement this system.

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